Kirkby Stephen, Nateby & Waitby Common circular walk – Nov 2018

And so to the second of my planned walks for this year’s visit to Kirkby Stephen. The weather forecast was for dull skies but with a low chance of rain … pretty good for photos then, if not for comfort. As any photographer knows, the worst weather for interesting pictures is sunny with clear blue skies … no¬† opportunity from drama darling!

Any road up, the weather behaved itself quite nicely with minimal rain which resulted in a lovely walk of roughly 8 miles and a good number of photo opportunities, some of which I share with you here (after the ubiquitous route map)…

Kirkby Stephen, Nateby, Waitby Common

Update: As you’ll see in my Lammerside Castle post, the above map isn’t exactly accurate … or should I say it is, but my navigation wasn’t and I walked a little further South than I should have done! I reckon I walked around 10 miles, not the original 6 that the route was supposed to cover or the 8 I estimated in my original write up.