Video Tease

Those who follow me on Twitter have been warned to keep their eyes open for a little ‘video tease’ being posted … and this is that very tease!

As you may or may not be aware, I’m pretty new to this blog/vlog malarky and I’m still learning the technicalities. A few nights ago I hooked up the quadcopter to my laptop and used Betaflight software to see if I could spin up the motors …

What? I hear you ask. How can you be testing motors and things when you haven’t even started building it? Where are all the posts? Well, I have been building it, and taking photos, but I’ve just not had the chance to put those images into some posts and bring you up to date. I’d also been struggling to source the radio control receiver that I need and things had ground to a bit of a halt. Hence me deciding to have a little play controlling the quadcopter from my laptop to keep those creative juices flowing.

… Anyway, I took a little video with my mobile phone and thought there must be a better way to do this. Maybe a screen capture of the software with a video of the motor spinning overlaid as a PiP (Picture in Picture) video. So I did some Googling for free software, downloaded a few candidate packages and did a little testing. Once I’d found the most suitable for the job I borrowed my work webcam (much better definition than my personal one) and knocked up a little video. A quick detour to setup a vimeo basic account to host the video and Bob’s your Uncle!