Just one foot in front of the other …

Sounds boring when you put it like that doesn’t it? But it isn’t, at least not if you pick the right places to walk. And what are the right places to walk? Anywhere that makes you happy, it’s as simple as that in my books.

Walking around a new town or city, discovering those seldom trod side roads and back alleys. Wandering along the many miles of canal tow paths … watching the barges slide slowly past, the anglers sat on the banks pitting their skills against the creatures of the (not so) deep. Discovering the beauties of the countryside along easy going paths, following the routes of long closed railway lines. A well prepared for, carefully planned route that takes you into what feels like the middle of nowhere and back again, along routes that are easier to see on a map than on the ground! Take your pick, they’re all valid.

My recent walks have tended to be in the Peak District National Park and the Shropshire Hills. Not only are they both beautiful and sometimes challenging areas, I don’t have to travel too far to reach them … which is a bonus.

I’ve a couple of outings in the pipework which I’ll hopefully post details and images of. Watch this space.