Crewe & Nantwich circular via Wistaston & Willaston

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island or living under a rock somewhere, you’ll know how much impact COVID-19 has had on everyone’s ability to travel … even over fairly short distances, unless absolutely necessary. I’ve been taking the opportunity under the UK (or more specifically English) restrictions for my one session of exercise a day and, more recently, the increase to unlimited exercise sessions each day (don’t ask, I didn’t create the guidelines!) to get some walks in around the town … this has led me to discover quite a few green routes crisscrossing Crewe that I was not aware of. After a while though it soon became repetitive and boring. That, along with being stuck at home due to furloughing since 1st April, plus no chance of getting into the country for a long hike has had me climbing the walls.

In order to claw back some of my limited supply of sanity I decided I’d sort out a good length towns walk which, as long as I remembered the social distancing guidance, would be safe and hopefully a little more challenging/enjoyable than the short local walks I’d been doing. The final route came out at 16.65km (10.4 miles in pre-decimal!) and is highlighted below … here’s my usual Google Earth file link if anybody wants to walk along with me.

Route starts at the top next to the arrow and travels clockwise

Before I let you get to the Gallery, a little background. I decided I wanted to show images that said something about different aspects or places on the walk. Anything peculiar to the area, personal to me, historically interesting, etc. I’ll add an addendum with links to other sites relating to some of the images for anyone who has a few hours to spare … which seems to be all of us at the moment!!