Balderhead & Blackton reservoirs – Nov 2019

And so to the second, and much wetter, half of this year’s Kirkby Stephen visit. The weather forecast didn’t look too bad until later on in the day so I thought an early start and only some drizzle … sorted.

A ‘little’ rain, but look at that wind!

The plan was to do another walk from Visorando, but a shorter one. The only down side was the travelling time as this particular walk was over the border in County Durham. Add to that the fact the A66 was blocked in both directions near to my route which forced articulated lorries onto roads that were barely suitable for them and the drive became very interesting to say the least!

route description and reference
Despite the description saying the walk didn’t return to the starting point, it did!

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that the Visorando route name doesn’t match up with the title of this post. There’s a one word reason for that, if you haven’t already guessed … weather. The full walk is shown below with the walk I managed to do underneath it, minus the first section as I forgot to turn on GPS on my Galaxy watch … happens a lot with me (links to Google Earth Pro kmz files can be found in the description underneath each image).

The planned route in all its glory, kmz file can be downloaded here
Google Earth - my walk
My ‘home-brew’ walk! Again, kmz file for Google Earth can be downloaded here

Just before I present the images and bonus videos, two small points about this particular outing:

  • The roads were fantastic to drive, plenty of concentration required but boy was it worth it.
  • The full walk has been added to my walks bucket list, I will definitely be going back when the weather is better and completing the full route.

Without further a do … “Get on with it Merv” … I am doing!

For those that made it thus far … bonus videos!

I avoided the rain for some time here, listen to it falling on the bird hide roof … plus the wind!
This gives a better idea of how the reservoir overflow works … and an idea of how windy it was
Teletubbies or not, in the middle of nowhere, totally alone & surrounded by sheep staring at you … this is freakin’ unnerving!
Unfortunately I only had small capacity SD cards in my dash cams so I was limited by how much was overwritten before I got back to base, however I think this gives a pretty good idea of how challenging (aka fun!) some of the roads were … albeit a view from the rear. By the way, the guy in the van must be pretty local as he saw me from a long way off and waited patiently. And finally, I edited the video with the NextBase app that comes with the camera (bad move!) hence all the NextBase ‘propaganda’ … apologies for that.

In conclusion, the best was made of what was a pretty crappy day for walking me thinks. Hopefully there’s enough here to pique your interest of the full route that was originally planned.