Maiden Castle & Bickerton – Dec 2019

It’s that time of year again, time to get out in the cold and mud for an end of year walk or two. This was an area that I’d made note of when I did my Sandstone Trail walk as the views were brilliant. It was also a chance to try out my new boots in a forgiving environment. You may have noticed my featured image has been updated with those self same boots … if not, focus readers, focus!

360° panoramic tease shot!
360° panoramic tease shot!

The walk I found online as a handy PDF file and was estimated at 3 miles (5 km) in length, taking 2 – 2 ½ hours and only a 35 minute drive away … bonus.

Route map
As ever, there’s a Google Earth kmz file here for anyone who wants to follow my wanderings.

The National Trust do a great job looking after sites like this so everyone can enjoy them. The only downside is that it makes them popular and hence busy. By the time I got back to the small, hardcore car park I might as well have been parked up at a supermarket! If you’ve not already worked out from my previous posts, I like a good amount of solitude when I’m walking … just me and nature where possible. Anyway, that aside, it was a pleasant walk and a few images follow for your perusal and enjoyment …

Sandstone Trail Part III

And so to the final leg of my Sandstone Trail walk, from the Bickerton Poacher (between Bulkeley and Bickerton) down to Whitchurch. A distance of roughly 12 miles … though it felt a lot longer!

I’ve read that the Trail has been extended in the recent past so that it ends at a more convenient location with easier access to transport … that location being Whitchurch. If I’m honest I’d say it feels like it’s been tacked on, as the scenery is not a patch on what came before and walking 3 miles along the Llangollen canal seems like whoever added the extension became bored and went for the easy option. That being said, it was a wonderful walk and a great experience … I’m very pleased I took the plunge!