So it begins …

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Before I start I think I’d better clarify a few points:

  • A quadcopter is a drone but a drone is not necessarily a quadcopter … much like a Hoover is a vacuum cleaner but not all vacuum cleaners are Hoovers!
  • According to the Cambridge dictionary a drone is “an aircraft without a pilot that is controlled by someone on the ground”. Unfortunately a lot of people see a drone as synonymous with an aircraft used for dropping bombs or for covert surveillance . However, a lot of people get fun (and enjoy the challenge of) racing drones, some people just enjoy flying them and I’m sure everyone has seen some of the stunning aerial footage that has begun to appear in films (without the use of CGI) and TV programmes courtesy of drones.
  • A quadcopter has four rotor blades (quad meaning four). Hexa (6) & Octo (8) ‘copters are also available, should you so desire.

S0 that out of the way, why build a quadcopter? Well, I’ve had a bit of a fascination for quadcopters for some time but they seemed to fall into two categories … toys or ridiculously expensive machines used by ‘professionals’. That was until I received issue 10 of HackSpace magazine and saw the image on the front cover …

… there’s that word again … drone!

I read the article and realised that it wasn’t as expensive or as complicated (Yeah right!  The basics are straight forward but dig a little deeper and you discover a world of acronyms and technology … right up my street then I guess) as I’d first thought and, to cut a long story short, I bit the bullet and ordered a bucket full of goodies online ready to start my new adventure ….












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