SatNOGS part IV – the v dipole antenna


So we come to the final instalment of my current journey along the highways & byways of satellite observation and bring my story up to date. After the disaster that was the QFH antenna I stumbled across this post whilst searching for possible fixes, outlining a simple dipole build. “It can’t be this simple!” I thought to myself, after all the effort I put into the QFH build and now someone’s telling me I can get results with 2 short lengths of aluminium rod! Desperate to get my observation station back online I invested in a couple of 1m lengths of 4mm dia aluminium rod from the local B&Q (I had everything else I needed already) and set about the really simple build. The part that took the longest was the 3D printing of the mast mount.

The images below sum up how easy the build was …

Ironic how the longest post was about a failed antenna build and the shortest post about a successful one! I’m thinking of investing in a low noise amplifier next … after that I may look into a directional antenna assuming I have room to site it in my back garden (I’m thinking possibly not but it warrants further investigation).

Finally, my ground station is named MerCre1 (not too hard for those that know me to work out how I came up with it, plus I think it sounds a little like a name you’d give to a satellite 🙂 ). If anyone feels the urge to check out my observations on SatNOGS you can find me here.

A couple of people have asked about source files for the mast mount. I’ve created a zip file containing the original FreeCAD design file plus the STL & GCODE files, please feel free to download it here.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ve tempted 1 or 2 of you to join the fold.

One thought on “SatNOGS part IV – the v dipole antenna”

  1. Dear Mr 1262

    Kilroy was here.

    That was a well written journey. Thank you.
    The amp idea is a great idea.

    Space, we’re told, is hard, but you’re doing it. Kudos.

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