Sandstone Trail – Part I

Sandstone Trail waymarker

So the deed was done and I walked roughly 36 miles over 3 days (34 miles of the trail plus some detours). I survived and even came out of it relatively unscathed, the only injury being to my left ankle which is healing slowly … I hope so as my next outing is only 3 weeks away!

I took as many photos as time would allow and, although there weren’t as many opportunities as I’d have liked, it’s taking a while to work through them and get them looking as I’d like. Bearing that in mind I thought I’d create three posts to reflect each day of the walk … so in this first post I’m covering the walk from Frodsham to Tarporley (roughly 15 miles).

They’re in chronological order but I can’t necessarily remember exactly where each was taken, so don’t expect a step-by-step walk through … it’s also about quality not quantity! They’re all meant to either mark a certain milestone in the walk or to evoke the feeling of a location. Anyway, enough waffle … hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear any comments you may have …












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