Kirkby Stephen, Nateby & Waitby Common circular walk – Nov 2018

small image of walking boots

And so to the second of my planned walks for this year’s visit to Kirkby Stephen. The weather forecast was for dull skies but with a low chance of rain … pretty good for photos then, if not for comfort. As any photographer knows, the worst weather for interesting pictures is sunny with clear blue skies … no¬† opportunity from drama darling!

Any road up, the weather behaved itself quite nicely with minimal rain which resulted in a lovely walk of roughly 8 miles and a good number of photo opportunities, some of which I share with you here (after the ubiquitous route map)…

Kirkby Stephen, Nateby, Waitby Common

Update: As you’ll see in my Lammerside Castle post, the above map isn’t exactly accurate … or should I say it is, but my navigation wasn’t and I walked a little further South than I should have done! I reckon I walked around 10 miles, not the original 6 that the route was supposed to cover or the 8 I estimated in my original write up.

2 thoughts on “Kirkby Stephen, Nateby & Waitby Common circular walk – Nov 2018”

    1. Thanks, glad you like the images … I try to pick the ones that reflect how I felt in that moment.
      I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of driving up to Kirkby Stephen and sampling new walks, I’m hooked!

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