Hare Hill & Monk’s Heath from Alderley Edge – Mar 2020

New walking boots

My third weekend walk in a row, I think this is some kind of record! I got an early start on this one so it was nice and quiet when I arrived at the National Trust car park … just as I like it. The few people who were there seemed to be getting ready to walk their dogs.

This was another go4awalk route, listed as 9¾ miles but ended up a little over 10 by the time I finished. As ever, the kmz file is available for download here for those who like their Google Earth, and the route outline is shown below.

Some areas of the walk appeared to have been updated with new fencing and stiles since the route was first published, so the day got off to a slightly shaky start. Once in the groove though it was a joy (despite the abundance of water and mud in the fields!) with plenty of beautiful countryside and chances for photography.

As the route goes through the National Trust owned land at Hare Hill the directions make reference to viewing the Gardens, via tickets available at the ticket kiosk … open March – October. What it fails to mention (and maybe this wasn’t the case when the route was published) is that the gate at the rear of the property and the main entrance gate on the other side are both chained and padlocked outside these dates, effectively blocking the route! Not one to be deterred I climbed over the metal fencing at the rear (easy enough), walked through the site and climbed back out on the other side … damned if I was turning back. It was a little tricky at the front as there was barbed wire, but I made it unscathed with all my dangly bits intact 🙂

About ¾ of the way round, the route takes you through the churchyard of St. Mary’s at Nether Alderley, which is worthy of it’s own little gallery. Anyone who follows me knows I’m an atheist yet I have a love of religious buildings and architecture … this one was glorious and dates back to the 14th century.

2 thoughts on “Hare Hill & Monk’s Heath from Alderley Edge – Mar 2020”

  1. This is possibly one of the bests posts, in my opinion. Absolutely no humour was left behind, especially at Hare Hill. Photographic gems here, carvings, King George post box (inferring there is Royal Mail service to some very fortunate residents!), the ovine stare-down (I think I know who lost that one), and there’s that hatted guy again, (noting that he’d shaved those jowls!). The topper was the stunning shots around St Mary’s.
    Thank you for taking us with you! It was wonderfully enjoyed!

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