I’m just your average, middle aged guy I guess. Making his way through life the best he knows how and getting his pleasures whenever and wherever he can (legally, I feel obliged to add).

I have many interests. Some I partake in, others I just study or watch others indulge. At present my main passions are walking and quadcopters (known as drones to many), which I’d like to share with others … hence the entries in the site menu. I also like taking photographs (the main site banner is one of mine) so there’s a heading for that one too which will hopefully become a gallery once I master WordPress!

As a long term sufferer of anxiety and depression I’ve included a section for mental health, though it may be removed at some future point. As much as talking about mental health is a good thing I don’t want to focus on it too much.

The site will change no doubt, as my interests in pastimes & subjects wax & wane … as a Jack of all trades I’d have it no other way!