Winter doesn’t provide many opportunities for walking in Britain … unless you’re very brave or simply crazy! One of the things I learned from this particular walk is that I need to invest in a quality pair of wellington boots if I plan to make winter walking a regular thing.

This was walk 11 taken from the excellent book “Circular Walks along the Sandstone Trail” and starting in the Cheshire village of Malpas was an 8 1/2 mile circular (the clue is in the book’s title!) route. It was undertaken in the period between Christmas and New Year 2018 … to be precise on the 27 Dec.

Malpas circular walk courtesy of ‘Circular walks along the Sandstone Trail’

Before the pictures I’d like to impart a piece of advice, don’t follow the route described in a book to the letter and don’t hang on to a barbed wire fence in a vain attempt to circumvent a water logged field, particularly if the hedge the barbed wire runs through is full of gorse bushes! To add insult to injury, when you look back and see some local dog walkers taking the route the other side of the hedge with no problems at all … well, you see what I mean …