The Picture’s on the Wall

I sometimes wondered whether I’d ever get around to posting anything under my site’s photography heading, but here I am … I’ve made it!

What prompted me was the decision to finally get some of my images printed out and framed for hanging on the walls at home. Digital photography is great in that it’s flexible, the kit is easy to carry (no stacks of various ISO films to cram into camera case pockets), you can fire away with impunity knowing that the only thing in your way is the capacity of the memory card you’re using and you get to see instantly whether the image has potential or not. If you’re anything like me, it also means you come back to base and download your images to a NAS box or upload them to Google Drive then forget about them until you start running out of storage space. I’m beginning to think that any image that strikes a chord with you deserves to be copied from the ethereal, digital world to that of the physical print … otherwise, what’s the point?

I’ve been sifting through my catalogue of images over the past few days and have selected a few to print out. They’ve been uploaded to Snapfish for printing … I’ve used them before and been pleased with the print quality and pricing. Seeing as only a select few will get to see the prints hanging in my house I thought it would be nice to post the images that I’d selected and present them here. So without further ado ….